sabato 28 novembre 2009

50th Post

the nostalgia burns so sweet.

i remember watching this shit in my pajamas while eating lucky charms, probably playing megaman 3 during commercial breaks. I lol'd pretty hard when i remembered they gave Roll (megaman's blond sister-bot) a vacuum arm as her power, i can't even remember how that made sense in the show, but what else could a woman want grafted permanently onto their body?

Wizard Smoke

I'm a fan of this skateboard video for a few reasons; really nice colors, in the form of wizard smoke (flour and tempera paint), oldy jams, and the kind of strange half cinematic half voyeur nature that skateboard videos often accomplish. The music is listed in the credits.

Wizard Smoke from Salazar on Vimeo.

venerdì 27 novembre 2009

nothin' to lose.

following in the success of DJ duo (dip-lo and switch) Major Lazer, is Duck Sauce (A-trak and armand van-helden). Catchy, funky, and super smooth. Check out these moves.

and another major lazer jam. Eric Warheim directs once again.

lunedì 23 novembre 2009

This is now a Genre

He's the toughest, most bad-ass guy in his chosen profession, but can he deal with kids!? He must use his old tough-guy-job skills in a whole new context! But oh no! he's implicated these ordinary kids in some kind of dangerous criminal plot!

the originator

still funny somehow


but, i like jackie chan.