sabato 19 settembre 2009

3D Dot Game Heroes

pretty sweet looking game. From Software always delivers fun games, at the price that they are usually short and quickly become unsatisfying[see: tenchu, way of the samurai]. However, this game, what seems to be an NES era zelda type of action adventure, envisioned in a world composed of uniform sized bricks. Note the atmospheric blur effect, and how defeated enemies blow up into scattering piles of cubes.

sabato 12 settembre 2009


a man after my own heart. A list style collection of images posted on a blogspot page that seems to never end. The theme of the posts is somewhat scattered (ranging from big cameras, men's fashion, pictures of Nas, artsy porn, shoes, among other things) but each image is in its own way provoking or at least cool. check it.

It's Nice That
the site where I discovered jjjjound is also a great collection of current events in creativity and spotlights on new and intriguing creators.

remember to fly Katsopolis air if your in the bay area.

venerdì 11 settembre 2009

Al Franken and google Japan

here, Senator Al Franken draws the map of the United States by memory.

this is how google streetview is made in small Japanese toy villages.

and for more google japan action: superdog 2.

giovedì 10 settembre 2009

Keep the fire

This is a landmark achievement in all things to ever occur: click on Michael McDonald's visage to link.

Link given to me by the increasingly handsome Giovanni Russonello. To answer any questions about my obsession with the blue eyed soul singer, see: yacht rock

mercoledì 9 settembre 2009


pretty sweet game, one button controls [c or v to jump] and randomized levels.

although the music isn't as bad as it is just very loud.

venerdì 4 settembre 2009

Whoopsie Goldberg

Ever notice how Lil' Wayne looks remarkably similar to a half beaten to death and recently released from prison Whoopi Goldberg?

Major Lazer

Major Lazer is an electronic DJ'ing duo who know how to bust some sick tracks. They are also skilled at making music videos that you're gonna wanna watch in HQ.

This first video's direction seems to be 'make a commercial for that awesome TV show you watched as a kid, that never was.' And since it can't be embedded, find it here.

This Video, for 'Pon De Floor', another tune by Major Lazer, is Directed by Eric Werheim (of Tim and Eric). If I can be blunt with you for a moment I feel like this video is attempting to recreate Dance Floor Dale, his video for Flying Lotus, except taking out just enough flashing lights to make it tame enough to be allowed on the youtub. I'm giving it a high score in the areas of choreography, casting, and costume design, all of which are prime examples of Eric's finest talents.

Part exploitation, part purified extract of funky shit, I'm not gonna say much else because it really has to be experienced first hand. I'm not saying you have to be Blazin' Hazen to enjoy these videos, but it definitely don't hurt.

watch in high quality, so you can bathe in it, proper like.