domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Gulag Lite

Ramblin', truckin', stuntin', stayin' paid. My future plans are none too detailed, got a job learning the biz behind shop drawings for cnc aided custom carpentry for the well-to-do. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Master Closets, Entertainment centers, Living Rooms, Dens, all covered in paneling, crown mouldings, case mouldings, base mouldings, capitals, archways, constructed over european hinges, jambs, studs, upper stretchers, rollouts, overlay construction, face frame constructions, adjustable shelving, and the like. Cousin's furniture, John claims that they have the reputation of drawing the nicest, moste legible shop drawings, making work easier for the installers, electricians, and other contractors on the job, since the drawings are comprehensive to 1/32 of an inch, taking details into account that the architect glosses over. My boss more or less challenged me to pick up the basics as fast as i could so that I can start learning to use the 5-axis mill to produce intricate pieces of furniture. It's really an amazing opportunity, i'm the only limit to the strength of my position, it's just unfortunate that it forces me to stay at home.

domenica 5 dicembre 2010

89th post

Don't get me wrong, this video is done very well, technically it's crafted with obvious care and skill. However, what was really the point? The video was described on The Awesomer as:

Imagine, if you will, that Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner were a couple of human beings instead of cartoon characters. Thanks to this short, you don’t need to imagine. That’s all Folks!

It sounded like a cool idea; Interpret the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote as two humans similarly occupying that vast expanse of whatever desert road located in the vacuum of the southwest United States. However, what we are treated to is an replica of a Chuck Jones bit, recreating panels with actual landscape and live actors. The special effects were very polished and worked well. But I was expecting a looser interpretation, like one guy really trying to off some other dude in the middle of the desert, with just lots of schemes that mirror in reality the intensity and psychosis of that fucking coyote and that oblivious shit-eating grin of that big ass bird. He tries and he tries and he tries with so many plans, where he gets the money to order shipments of rocket boots is beyond me, I'd probably use that money to hire someone else to end that purple bitch. Maybe he owes the mob alot of money, or maybe he's just a hit man with an endless supply of cash and alot of free time. The Road Runner could be a delivery boy or some shit, he's just an ordinary fuckin' person.