mercoledì 23 dicembre 2009


In an age where everyone has ADD to the point of mild autism, the youtube poop has become a popular form of internet comedy that follows the idea of "unexpected is funny" to its illogical conclusion.

These poops are unabashedly immature edits of other videos. By using extremely simple video editing techniques, such as cuts, loops, flip screen, magnify, zoom, mirrorimage, sound effects, rewind, suddenly loud as fuck, etc. one can "poop" a video (usually already funny without poopage) to take words and situations out of context, make in-referencing to other poops, and generally make complete lack of structure hilarious. If you don't find this funny, fuck you.

durhamrockerz is my favorite youtubepooper, and convinced me that the youtubepoop genre wasn't just hit or miss funny, but can be very strategically funny indeed.

Happy in Paraguay, not really a poop, but the last few seconds in the ending are straight poopage.

I believe their ancestry can be traced back to the animutations and fanimutations that followed thereafter so many years ago on albinoblacksheep. in the same way, they are only funny to people who spend too much time on the internet.

lunedì 21 dicembre 2009

His Majesty, the Opulence that is: CrustCake

I've discovered something wonderful.
when a loaf of bread is complete, two one sided "crust ends" remain. Instead of begrudgingly substituting them for a regular piece of bread, make Crust Cake. I think I'm going to make this a bread-loaf-finishing tradition.

Crust Cake;
since I ate this, my dearest creation, quickly after its birth, no pictures record its existance; so i'll try and explain through a verbal diagram of an exploded view of the sandwhich/cake/tart.

0.toast a a top crust, a middle piece, and a bottom crust until dark and crispy crust
4.mltd bttr*
5.Mdl piece
6.mltd bttr
2.Btm crust

*as you would guess, the butter is melted on either side of the middle piece, which is then coated in cinnamon sugar. the two ends have liberous amounts of nutella on them.

martedì 8 dicembre 2009

cooking with dog

I really like the format of this show, I really like engrish, I really like the dog too.

the show well uses the internet video form by rapid firing the steps (you could always pause), although each step is described well. The video is hypnotizing. and that dog.

domenica 6 dicembre 2009

Let's Light This Fatboy Up!

So this weekend I spent in the company of two of my dearest friends. On Saturday, we woke up in the early afternoon, did some baking, ordered in thai food, watched 3 ninjas Kick Back on NetFlix and then took well needed naps until 6 or so.

One thing I realized is that 3 Ninjas is amazing because it has the ability to transform into any one of 3 of the best movies produced in the early 90's.
1. Home Alone:
the main characters (the three motherfucking ninjas) use a tape recording of their grandpa's voice to trick an airline into letting them by tickets to tokyo, even though they are underaged, then they mysteriously spend a week in japan, sleeping god knows where, and I think tum-tum gets raped by sumo wrestlers.
2. Mighty Ducks:
this movie is so awesome that they manage to fit in a baseball championship subplot, where they are able to demonstrate their growth as a team, and as responsible young-adults.
3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
this is more obvious due to the martial arts action. More so than the action, the team dynamic is the same, consisting of the hot-head Raphael(colt), the screwball Michaelangelo(tum-tum,michael), and the do-good team leader Leonardo combined with the brains of Donatello, (Rocky, Jeffery). In one scene, some goon even says "what are you? some kinda teenage mutant jerks?"

you can also watch the whole goddamn thing on youtub.