venerdì 29 ottobre 2010

Like a waterfall in slow motion

my favorite video game tropes, in no particular order:

-double jumps
-health bars
-level ups

also, in what will surely be the most underrated video game design innovation of the year: Fallout 3 New Vegas has done away [mostly] with the tired ol' 'kill 5 of this, collect 10 of those' quests and instead just made a system of achievements that come with killing x amount of radscorpions or collecting x amount of nuclear desert fauna. It still awards you with the kind of meager satisfaction that video games are capable of, but without some helpless npc telling you that the overwhelming population of generic creature needs to be controlled. It's also an awesome game, despite that the insane amount of graphical glitching makes it seem like it was rushed out of development a bit too early, although there are enough talented fans of the series that have already mod-ed the shit out of it. You can correct and even further beautify the landscape with free fan-generated modifications[as long as you're playing on the pc].