martedì 30 marzo 2010

domenica 28 marzo 2010

He knows so much about these things.

a few things I've happened upon recently:

- this charming man by the Smiths is my favorite song
- ambulance and fire truck sirens sound like really loud babies crying, which makes a lot of sense
- you can substitute crepes for bread in most kinds of sandwiches
- strawberry cream cheese is quite good
- there was an ancient civilization on the Indus river called Harrappa that rivaled ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, but they died out before giving rise to any significant future cultures, theres also no large amount of proof indicating any strictly heirarchical class structure or warfare, each city was rigorously similar even though they were all extremely distant from eachother, and they had indoor plumbing that is actually more complex than many places in present day India and Pakistan. Their language is as of yet undeciphered.

mth t th flm

Yesterday, in a rootbeer float making mishap, a robust flavored drink was concocted.

Doctor de leche (aka dulce de pepper, #23, or the mcQueen)
it works as follows, in 2 fashions;

1:1 (in a blender, mix) dulce de leche ice cream, dr.pepper, and ice, blend until as thick as a wendy's frostee.

float a big scoop of the dulce de leche in a large cup of dr.pepper

the taste is (not very surprisingly) rich as hell, but has an interesting if not almost complex aftertaste.

for maximum artery clogging potency, drink with a crust cake.

giovedì 25 marzo 2010

Happy apple day.

a project titled "i'm not an artist", using tiled gifs, that you can participate in!

fun to watch, i just happened to be listening to Real Estate while watching it, which seemed appropriate somehow.

domenica 21 marzo 2010


some smooth sounds, seems suitable since summer's so soon:
(as you can tell, i've bookmarked thetapeisnotsticky, thanks to my sweet soul brother, Gio)

not smooth, but the music in this game (by AdultSwimGames) will not allow you to stop playing.

Penguin living with Japanese family forced into indentured servitude, China reports:

mercoledì 10 marzo 2010


i've been watching these music videos for a few days now. they're good, and if you can't appreciate everything about them then i can't seriously consider you a worthwhile friend.

Stylo- off of Gorillaz new album, it features bruce willis, mos def, and bobby fuckin' womack.

Symphony- Dan Black & kid cuddi, i like the first half of the video better, production value drops thereafter.

shake it to the ground

DJ Blaqstarr & Rye Rye: Shake It To The Ground from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

shit is flyyy. The video is by Mad Decent, of major lazer fame, it's subtly amazing, and not on accident.

and here's a song about getting your dick wet.