mercoledì 10 giugno 2009

ff7 intro Revisited

I recently watched the intro to final fantasy 7, not for the first or last time, and realized just how great it actually is. Just looking at it cinematically, the amount of character given to the city of Midgar in such a brief intro is a beautiful introduction to the steampunk attitude and depth of mystery that saturates the dark and gritty first few hours of gameplay. The opening cinema transitions directly into gameplay, with a quick train jump thrusting you straight into the explosive tutorial dungeon(materia reactor). The sense of scale constantly fluxing, from stars to an alleyway, to a street, birds eye view of a city, runaway train, back to street level, if nothing else gets the player excited to delve into the game's unique lore.

It's kinda bladerunner-esque, but then again i've been comparing everything to bladerunner since i watched it a few weeks ago. I may also be going off the handle since watching this brings back such sweet memories.

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