domenica 28 marzo 2010

He knows so much about these things.

a few things I've happened upon recently:

- this charming man by the Smiths is my favorite song
- ambulance and fire truck sirens sound like really loud babies crying, which makes a lot of sense
- you can substitute crepes for bread in most kinds of sandwiches
- strawberry cream cheese is quite good
- there was an ancient civilization on the Indus river called Harrappa that rivaled ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, but they died out before giving rise to any significant future cultures, theres also no large amount of proof indicating any strictly heirarchical class structure or warfare, each city was rigorously similar even though they were all extremely distant from eachother, and they had indoor plumbing that is actually more complex than many places in present day India and Pakistan. Their language is as of yet undeciphered.

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  1. is the smiths s/t your favorite album now too??? tis good!