martedì 6 aprile 2010

you could say i'm Malcolm-esque

damn son, Das Racist crept up on me like this recent beautiful weather. It's pronounced d'ass racist, as in THATS RACIST. Long story short, rap duo based on the long island side of the 5 boroughs. They can mistakenly sound like joke-rap, from their single "combination pizza hut and taco bell", but they probably have some of the smartest lyrics i've listened to in a while, giving shout outs to such figures as Rumi and Camus. Simoultaneously, they seem to burn more trees than the black dragon in 1987. Their relaxed, colorful lyricism brings to mind early 90's hip hop, like tribe or pharcyde, mixed with some of this current trap shit.

you won't be disappointed.
(thanks to abby for being hip to this shit)

the other brooklyn based band has a cool video for one of my favorite songs off of their last album. I just noticed that their bassist looks almost exactly like my sophomore year roommate and all around rad-dude Andrew Balmer
(gio showed me this while we were bromancing in somerville)

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