mercoledì 11 agosto 2010

I'd buy that for a dollar.

been very negligent recently. bad, very bad. should update more. lots of time, spent unwisely, requires fixing.

I need to leave home, things suck here. Not that I expect life to rule if I move somewhere else, but I think transporting my stuff to a far-away place would help me sort through and organize my shit, some clarity might present itself. Not that I mind playing mario golf/kart with my friends every day(they should mix the two, maybe you race between holes.), but I'm just exhausted from wishing I didn't live at home.

Got drunk last night with derek, talked alot about Nietzche and camus and kafka. this means that derek talked about them, while I listened and pretended to be well read and stuff. My head still hurts, my mom won't stop feeding this stray cat, so naturally it now lives on our porch, I named it Leia. Yesterday I applied for a job at Meat Farms, at the deli, my mom jokingly mentioned that they had an opening, then I jokingly drove there and jokingly applied, jokingly spoke to the manager about my incredibly flexible shcedule and now i'm jokingly waiting for a phone call later this week.

for some reason, this post turned into a whiny diary entry, good thing noone reads this shit.

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