martedì 21 aprile 2009


While doing my secret finals studying technique of downloading a gba emulator along with the full library of pokemon titles, I came to an interesting realization; Why hasn't a pokemon MMO ever been conceived. I just find it odd, i mean the pokemon universe almost preassumed the massively multplaying genre, its a bunch of different characters each with their own unique team of up to 6 spherically imprisoned monsters, each team exhibiting different strategies to fulfill that goal of catchin'em all. It's kinda like .hack with all the npc's except it doesn't actually tell the story through a fake online server narrative.
To be honest I haven't reallly followed the titles past red and blue, i played sapphire a little, and was definitely intrigued with the day/night, seed planting, double teaming, dogshow type stuff that it came up with. It's very easy to imagine most of the npc's being replaced with other players. I'd play it, and i'd say the same goes with much of my 20 something peers.

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