sabato 18 aprile 2009

My Problem with Bethesda's Oblivion model

By oblivion model, i mean the style of sandbox gameplay and the graphics/physics engine that powered Oblivion and then Fallout3. These are two games that i played tirelessly, up to the point where i questioned the value of the time of my life lost to the game (not many games accomplish this level of profound thought). I don't have to say they were great, they have enough awards and reviews that explain that, but I'll still bitch about it.

I basically have 2 problems with the current model of this game creation, which as far as i know will be fixed upon the inevitable sequel to oblivion. These problems contribute to difficulty of immersion, and maybe more importantly for games like oblivion and Fallout3, the inability to destroy that glass wall of false reality by stepping beyond what you expect out of the game after hours spent trolling its landscape. I'm not taking into account what is actually possible in the software, but my demands are not too outlandish.

Problem no. 1, clone character models:
Simple, everybody has the same body and thats really annoying. There are basically 4 character models in Fallout3, Man, Woman, Boy, and Girl. All with different faces, hair, clothes and skin tone, but still, how about some fat people, or really thin people, or reaally muscley people, mutated people, maimed people, idk, variety would make characters more memorable when they should be and clinch that final level or reality needed for these games.

Problem no.2, Enemy scale:
There are crazy insect, goblin, orc, mutated bear, scary clawed things, that really speak to the imagination, but there are no 'real' flying monsters. The flying monsters just hover, its more like their on stilts than flying. What if an enemy that flew (and all the flying enemies sucked, bloatfly? imp?) actually flew around, changing their altitude, running away, or even got knocked down to the ground and forced to crawl about? I mean they had swimming enemies that i think accomplish this, sort of. This would make the already stellar in game physics seem that much more believable. There also weren't many enemies that scared you with their pure size (save the super mutant giant guys, and the queen ants). I mean, no dragons in oblivion? no dragons?

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