giovedì 21 maggio 2009


So I posted that trailer and jumbled excitement out of child like giddyness, then i realized that no other game site on the internets was posting anything... which got me confused, because this should have hit every major site on the intarwebs with the force of superman drop kicking an atomic bomb. but i think noone picked it up because it originally was shown on an apparently unreputable site, but c'mon, the quality of the trailer is undeniable.

Aright, so i got really excited by the trailer for Trico and didn't take the time to consider that it wasn't real. Now, i know that it's real, as in developed by team ico, my game sense tells me so, but it definitely is not the final rendition of the game, and if the trailer for Nico tells us anything, they can make pretty big changes late into development. but then again, the trailer for Nico demonstrated all of the key gameplay and environment design of the final product, and i'll assume that they learned some kind of directoral lesson from that experience and wouldn't make such a huge change as was neccessary with Nico [as in multiple playable characters, which i assume was going on in the trailer].
That said, in my humble opinion, the trailer for ico is real as the shitbrick you dropped after watching it. If anything, character designs will probably change, the main characters outfit in the Trico trailer was refreshing in its simple design and bold colors, but it seems a bit to simple or unfinished than what i would have thought.

In other news, here's the Trico trailer again in HD. And i'm not sure why i haven't commented on the likeness of the two protagonists to the luck dragon and Atreyu from never ending story yet.

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