domenica 12 luglio 2009

FPS ideas

not sure how these got into my head, or why i'm thinking about fps's so much.

1)an epic free range zombie survival fps, where you live in a post-zombie apocalypse world and you travel from safehouse to safehouse, killing zombies, meeting and possibly bandinbg with survivors on the way, finding supplies, and if your so inclined, finding a solution to the zombie threat.

I figure the gameplay would involve lots of vehicles (except fuel would be limited, i think the survival aspect should be the key to its horror quality) and your constantly being hunted, so if you are spotted by a zombie, you better have a plan of action (it would also be interesting because everyone would have a different gut reaction). Do you find a high point and drop explosives? do you try and get their attention, leading them and locking them into a warehouse that you've previously rigged with explosives? or maybe you just run because your chopper is out of gas, your friend is badly wounded and you just finished your last clip. Their would also be different kinds of zombies, like ones that can mark you or lead other zombies. Maybe you come across a scientist who thinks he could make a cure if you can find a proper lab and a good specimen, or maybe you can find a radio tower and signal help, or maybe you launch a nuke, or maybe you just say fuck it and kill zombies cuz its fun. Most of said fun would probably be generated from a really fun physics engine, maybe the game could even record things like the highest altitude you've managed to shoot a zombie up to using explosives, or the most zombies you've lit on fire at the same time, and you could edit these clips in game, skate style. Your safe houses could become jeapordized if a zombie follows you in or other zombies realize youre there, or it doesn't have a properly secured entrance, in which case you'd have to go on the run again, or figure out a way to secure it.

I actually got this idea from watching The Invasion earlier today, i thought it would be cool if there was a game where you had the freedom of walking around a city, except you have to try and act and survive amongst a population of bodysnatching aliens.

a sequel the the awesomeness that was the flying combat simulator Tie Fighter, except instead of mostly flying imperial war ships, you would be a storm trooper, carrying out missions with your squad, raiding rebel star ships, collecting a salary, gaining ranks, et cetera.
I also think that a new jedi knight game is increasingly necessary after the failure of what could have been great called force unleashed.

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