domenica 12 luglio 2009

They Stole My Idea: Final Fantasy Gaiden

I decided to make this a regular thing, since it always happens. A few years ago i was playing ff1 on an nes emulator and I thought that the quick barebones rpg elements were gritty and stupid but also very addictive, and making your own customized team of 4 warriors is a great mechanic for continuing replayability. So i envisioned a revamped, possibly 3 dimensional and stylized return the the rpg basics, but that has just been accomplished.

The game features chibi style 3d graphics which work perfectly to represent the old school rendering techinques of rpg's, and even the textures of the towns filled with inns and weaponsmiths seem to be pixelated, much to my enjoyment. My only gripe is that I wish the music also played into this reversion game. I guess it would be silly for a game on the DS (which has excellent sound quality) to have clunky 8 bit sounds, but i think that leaves room for exploration. Imagine how awesome it would be to have a whole symphony composed of layered 8-bit sounds? that registers as pretty-tight on my scale of dumb to awesome-o-matic. and not many things get the awesome-o-matic rating.

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