lunedì 21 dicembre 2009

His Majesty, the Opulence that is: CrustCake

I've discovered something wonderful.
when a loaf of bread is complete, two one sided "crust ends" remain. Instead of begrudgingly substituting them for a regular piece of bread, make Crust Cake. I think I'm going to make this a bread-loaf-finishing tradition.

Crust Cake;
since I ate this, my dearest creation, quickly after its birth, no pictures record its existance; so i'll try and explain through a verbal diagram of an exploded view of the sandwhich/cake/tart.

0.toast a a top crust, a middle piece, and a bottom crust until dark and crispy crust
4.mltd bttr*
5.Mdl piece
6.mltd bttr
2.Btm crust

*as you would guess, the butter is melted on either side of the middle piece, which is then coated in cinnamon sugar. the two ends have liberous amounts of nutella on them.

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