martedì 13 luglio 2010


I've been catching up on the first 3 seasons of Burning Bad recently, and its awesome. All of the New Mexico scenery puts me in the mood for music of a more arid consistency.

I just saw Predators, it was pretty kick ass. They had a samurai showdown between a yakuza assassin and a predator, which rocked my socks. Robert Rodriguez knows how to layer his campiness very effectively, the death-row inmate guy only fights with a shiv for the entirety of the movie, the Sierra Leone guy gets killed by spears... I was surprised that they didn't re-use the 'ugly mother fucker' line from the original, Adrian Brody, whilst be-mudded, used the 'kill me, kill me now' line, and I think one predator even tried to pantomime 'get to the choppa!'
There were a few inconsistencies that I'd like to address however. the party of protagonists is pursued by a pack of, what I will call, 'predator-wolves', which are under the control of the Predator hunting party. Then the group of protagonists discover cages which had been dropped on the planet, similar to themselves, what was in the cages remains a mystery. The whole movie, I was waiting to see what were in all of these giant fucking cages. At one point, Topher Grace is chased by what the viewer would think is a predator, it gets killed, and turns out to be some other super-humanoid creature, its unclear if it is sentient or relative to the Predator species. I'm assuming that the creature mentioned was what was being dropped in the cages, but its never mentioned again, and those creatures don't return, which was just anticlimatic and a silly omission in my opinion. Also, Laurence Fishburn was killed like a little bitch, I expected him to do some crazy shit. (spoiler alert)

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