mercoledì 19 agosto 2009

I don't wanna be a (multi)player no more.

Complaint: Why is it that the growth in online multiplayer for console games has made it so much more difficult for console games to be enjoyed with multiple players who are all playing together, in the same room, on the same console?

Not that there really are any console multiplayer titles anymore, with the exception of fighting, party, and racing titles but even those seem to becoming weened into purely online experiences. For example, in order to play castle crashers on (my friend's) xbox 360, each of us had to first create our own seperate accounts on his xbox. Not that it was a backbreaking process, it takes about 3 seconds, but its one of those things that kind of jab at you like 'well why are you playing on my xbox?'

this new psp mgs looks pretty exciting however, besides demostrating Kojima's relentless sense of humor, it actually looks like a ton of fun (love the new boxes and their new uses).

I dunno, i still think that beat'em ups should come back in style [see my post on why a sequel to the bouncer should be made].

I just miss the days of sitting in my friends' basements playing any iteration of sonic or streets of rage for hours. We were much less cogniscent of what titles were being released back then, we just knew what was awesome and they were instantly timeless, sonic, sonic 2, and sonic 3 could and would be played back to back in the same afternoon, each enjoyed for their seperate qualities (the same could be said of mario bros. 1,2,&3, or streets of rage 1,2, and 3)

[side note: during conversation, my girlfriend hummed the first few notes of the first level song for super mario bros. 2, and i called her out on it, she was impressed, then i explained how its not a real super mario bros. title but a reskinned game called Doki Doki Panic that was localized in America as Super Mario Bros. 2 and this did not impress her as much]

here's some awesome in thanks for reading this shitty post.

i think i'm going to try and list all the games i used to play for the genesis era consoles one of these days.

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